The Band has an inclusionary policy toward new members.  If you play a band instrument and wish to join, we ask that you be at least 16 in age and  in one of the top positions in your high school band or in college continuing to play in the college band.  The band is open to members who are returning to music as most of our members have returned  after college or taking time off for business or family reasons.  Several members are professional musicians and band directors, keeping up their skills.


  • Attend a Tuesday evening  rehearsal 

  • Check in before 7:30 PM

  • Must be a minimum age of 16.

  • Must be able to perform on your instrument at a grade 3 level and up.  This is equivalent to a sophomore in high school through beyond college level music.

  • Listen to a rehearsal to determine your personal ability

  • Bring your instrument to a rehearsal and sit in on the rehearsal

  • Speak to the conductor and section leader about a possible future audition

  •  For more information you can email us at  

      The band is currently in need of the following instrumentation:

      Flutes, Low Brass and Percussion.

Rehearsals are held at the Presbyterian Church of Orland Park located at 13401 Wolf Road; Orland Park